I'd like to say thanks for the great software and for your continuing engagement and support. I really appreciate the great products and great service which has been consistently good, not just for days or weeks after purchase, but for years!

- Phil Rae: Singapore

Thoroughly delighted with this product. Simple to use and results are spot on every time. I was impressed with the website when I found it through searching, and am equally impressed with the software itself. When making the purchase I experienced a problem using the payment processor but Docudesk® customer service was fast, friendly and sorted it in no time. Such a pleasant change from so many other vendors these days. Highly recommended.

- Mervyn Love: Essex, UK

Thank you so much. I had to download the link you e-mailed before it would let me "register". But it works great now. I wish other programs would be as speedy and helpful. Thank you again.

- Doris Rogers: Camden, AR

Thank you so much. It is refreshing to know that there are professional companies out there that know what customers need and accommodate those needs.

- James Dickson: Lancaster, OH

Worked as advertised. Credit Union mailed me a form requiring fill-in and signature. After affixing my signature to the blank form I scanned into computer as JPG where I then converted to PDF. I was then able to edit form and type contents (rather than complete in long-hand scribble) and save form to attach to e-mail which expedited process of my request. Thanks for a great product.

- Robert Conley: San Angelo, TX

deskPDF is installed on both our Citrix server and the desktops. The installation with the provided MSI's was very easy. Cost comparison vs. Adobe standard upgrade at $5,000 per 100 stations coupled with Adobe not having a good solution for Citrix made our decision a no-brainer.

I'm extremely happy with deskPDF, it works great and it cost so much less it is amazing people buy Acrobat in multiple licenses. We ended up with exactly what we needed with support upgrade contracts for three years at about a third of what Adobe cost that did not offer us a working Citrix solution, only basic support, and no upgrade contract.

- Tom Phillips: Mesquite, TX

Thank you very much. I very seldom compliment companies on excellent service and excellent products. BUT I am certainly going to make an exception this time. I have used this program daily since purchasing it – it is EXCELLENT! Congratulations. Regarding your after sales service – amazing! Thank you very much. I would recommend this program to anyone.

- Edwin Teulon: Weltevreden Park, South Africa

As the principal of a small legal practice, I have little time and less resources to source workable software solutions. It is particularly important to me to be able to assemble and send out material in PDF format without having to think about how to do it. deskPDF Editor has filled that need admirably. It has become an indispensable tool for me and I have noticed that my PDFs are often of much higher quality than those I receive from some larger firms.

I increasingly encounter fill-in PDF forms used by government agencies. Those forms invariably prevent the user from saving data for re-use, which I find incredibly frustrating and time wasting. deskPDF Editor will solve that problem. The cost of the product is minimal, so I have no doubt it will pay for itself many times over. I believe it paid for itself with the time it saved the first time I used it.

- Tony Wright: Cooranbong, NSW, Australia

Thanks! Awesome product by the way. I purchased 3 different PDF convertors from the Apple Store before finding yours, and not one of them was able to convert to Excel. I kept ending up with blank workbooks. I gave up on the apps, and came across your website and tried the trial version. I was so impressed by the conversion. Usually I have to reformat a bit, or sometimes two columns will end up in one, etc. Your program converted the PDF'd tables perfectly. It sure has saved us a lot of time in editing, reformatting, and re-entering. What a great product!

- Charlotte Douglas: Vancouver, BC

I bought a 50 user Terminal server edition of this software from you for my company a couple of years ago. Needless to say that I am delighted with your product. I created an opt file specifying the folder the documents are to be saved to. The software is used programmatically and the users do not even know what program is used for conversion and it works beautifully. During these two years We have never had a problem - not even a minor one!

- Imam Khwaha: Essex, UK

The trial window was enough for me to buy it and I’m happy with it already, it got you a sale. I’ll give it a good going over in the next month. I had been using Acrobat 6 Pro until it coughed up a lung on my shiny new notebook. Bye Acrobat!

- Scott Thomson: Victoria, Australia

I just would like you to know that you are the finest company I've dealt with on the web for software. You are so helpful every single time I need it. I appreciate too, that you seem to have your ducks in a row and can help me.

- Barbara Johnson: Ottawa, IL

I just wanted you guys to know how COOL this is, it is fast, easy and convenient! Thank you so much for your hard work and giving me a choice, now I don't have to pay mega-bucks to do all the things I have to do with PDFs.

- Robert John: Wichita Falls, TX

Thank you for your speedy response. That was way beyond my expectations in terms of customer support!

- Wilson Tan: Singapore

I just found your software and downloaded to try, wow what a life saver, we send documents to some of our clients and agents and the print as PDF option is excellent, easier to use than many other options available on the market. We can send any format document to others without the fear they wont be able to open or read them, also we don't have to worry our Word documents will be edited, a lifesaver... thanks again and keep it up!!

- Tony Bragg: Cheshire, Uk

Thank for the easiest download, install, user experience I've had since WinZip 2.0 and Text Pad 4.7. deskPDF even converted my Math Type equations just as they appeared in Word before the conversion. I can't wait to use my 5 free PDF document conversions and pay you some $$$ for your program.

- Debra Deppeler: Madison, WI

This is SOOO cool. I needed to convert an MS-Word doc to PDF, and I tried a couple of different things I found on the web (e.g., Smart PDF Creator Pro), then I downloaded a trial version of deskPDF Standard. It worked immediately, and it captured my fonts correctly, it captured my line and paragraph spacing correctly, it captured my code samples and fonts correctly, and it captured the symbols I drew (Word Auto shapes) correctly! I only converted the first few pages, but I have to tell you I LOVE the idea that I can continue to use this product even after the five uses. I have no problem whatsoever with the watermarks, all I care about is being able to preview my entire book to see how it will look when it is converted (without guessing), so when I go to purchase deskPDF (to get rid of the watermarks), I will know EXACTLY what I am getting. Awesome job! Now all I have to do is finish my book...

- Sharon Satnick: Wakefield, MA

Thank you very much ... ;-) This works well with "OUTSIDE United States," but in capital letters. My order is placed and now I'm saved. Good luck to all and a great tool for this so convenient!

- Jacques Mazille: Craponne, France

Your software is really great, works perfect and I am very pleased with it. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you again for your support and for making such a great utility available.

- John Hafer: Woodbury, MN

I wanted to reply and thank you for providing me with an activation code for my new computer. I absolutely love your product (especially now that I learned how to combine multiple sheet Excel files into a single PDF) and use it daily. I have recommended your software to many business colleagues and associates. You have proven that my support was warranted. I also sell software and know licensing is critical for revenue control and unlicensed copying. I will buy your product again for my business for my other new computers. I will also pay to renew this version as well. Thank you again!

- Steve O’Connor: Littleton, CO

I'd like to ad that I bought my first computer in 1987, and, over the years, I've dealt with many Customer Support teams. You guys are in a class by yourselves. I have never seen better. There's no one even close.

- Bernard Switalski: Riverside, IL

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your online service! I contacted Adobe yesterday to find about upgrading so that I could protect flyers PDF. I still have not heard from them. So today, I surfed PDF and guess what Docudesk® was the easiest to work with and I am on my way to building numerous PDF documents and it only took me 4 minutes. Thank you so much!

- Deborah Salazar: Castle Rock, CO

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to me email and your very efficient help in dealing with my problem. The program is now installed, activated and running perfectly. I am delighted with it as I have found it an excellent trouble free program to work with and am delighted to have it back again. I am also delighted with the Docudesk® support service. I will continue to highly recommend this software to my colleagues and friends.

- Aedamair Kiely: Dublin, Ireland

I am very pleased with the results, and I would recommend this product to my clients. I want to thank you and commend you one and all for being able to take a frustrated New York businessman, and turn him around from frustration to pleasure. For all those I yelled at I apologize. For those who were able to put up with me, thanks for hanging in. I am writing this because I was quick to criticize, now I have to eat my words, and give praise. Great product, great service, great people and obviously an outstanding company. If you are ever in New York and need some answers or support for a trade show keep me in mind.

- John Hill: East Northport, NY